About Our Clinic

About Our Clinic Innate Healthcare

Real Medicine. Real Results.

Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, Innate Healthcare Institute is Arizona’s leading integrative holistic healthcare center. At IHI, we provide a natural treatment approach, blending modern Functional, Regenerative, and Traditional medicines to fulfill your optimum healthcare needs.

Innate Healthcare Institute is a pioneer in the use of regenerative medicine utilizing biological therapies such as regenerative cellular medicine and exosome therapies, bio-identical hormone replacement, and more to get you feeling and looking your best! We’ve treated hundreds of patients successfully with common chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis, COPD, and neuropathy to name a few.

*Results and rates may vary among regenerative medicine treatments

Discover the cutting-edge, advanced treatment approach of Functional and Regenerative Medicine, that is changing lives and changing the practice of medicine.

Functional & Regenerative Medicine in Phoenix

If you’re tired of the same fast-paced approach embraced by most of the healthcare system…

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, insurance now dictates how most healthcare practitioners treat their patients. Studies show that the average time most patients spend with their doctor is 15 minutes, which leads to rush care and constant misdiagnosis. We’re changing that for our patients at Innate Healthcare Institute.

How is what we do different or better than conventional model today?

Let’s take a look. For years, medicine has been more reactive than proactive as a practice. If you experienced a symptom, you typically visited your physician for a potential cure.

Earlier on, doctors would make housecalls which eventually proved unsustainable, so clinics and hospitals were formed. Once the costs of healthcare started to become a challenge, health insurance took over and the rest is history.

Today, with the modern advances in medicine, doctors are now able to take a more proactive approach to your healthcare and prevent a lot of major illnesses and conditions, however most physicians are stuck in the insurance model. This is where we come in.

Welcome to Innate healthcare Institute, where we take pleasure in getting to know you, the real you.

About Our Clinic Innate Healthcare

Meet Our Staff

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Dr. Travis Whitney

Founder | Chief Medical Officer

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Carla Brook

Nurse Practitioner

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Lauren Taylor

Registered Nurse | IET Practitioner

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Christina Charlesworth

Autism Communications Specialist

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Isham Hipsher

Director of Marketing

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Amerique Hill

Care Coordinator | Office Manager