Our Chronic Diseases Testimonials

Our Chronic Diseases Testimonials

D. Rogers
D. Rogers - Long Covid/Chronic Infection - Massachusetts I can not say enough good things about this place. Everyone there is so incredibly warm and really care about helping others. I got stem cell treatment for Long Covid. A month after I woke up and all my peripheral neuropathy pain from a back injury 20 years ago was completely gone and has not returned. A month after that my lung pain was gone and I seemed to have more lung capacity and was able to hike uphill for 1/2 hr, which I haven't been able to do in 3 yrs. Their follow up care was wonderful and even trying to help me get rid of the EBV that covid reactivated 3 yrs ago. I'll need more stem cell therapy bc I have severe long covid for so long, but this has been a great start to healing.

How are all of you? I just wanted to give you guys an update:

1. It still feels unreal (and is a huge relief) that 1 month after receiving stem cells the peripheral neuropathy in my back is completely gone. I wasn't even expecting my back to be affected by the IV infusion.
2. I went for a 1/2 hr straight uphill hike last week! I was in bed for a couple hours after, but was able to breathe on the hike
3. Today I went for.a 1.5 hour hike in the woods, with some hills. I think my breathing and endurance is improving.
4. My friends have pointed out I am not as breathless as i used to be
5. My lungs don't hurt anymore when talking with people, humming, and singing.
6. Still super exhausted from my reactivated EBV from long covid and still rely on breathing medication, but I know this is the month to watch for things, so hoping for more improvements.

Thank you so much!

Ted Marek
Ted Marek – Scottsdale, AZ “I was in stage 4 kidney disease, lung disease, and heart failure. I was told my only option was a heart transplant. But I was too old and I didn’t want to go through with a heart transplant. After stem cell treatment my kidney disease went from stage 4 to stage 3, my lung function improved from 54% to 75%, and my ejection fraction of my heart improved dramatically. Before I was barely able to get out of bed… now I’m going traveling through Europe soon.”

E. Colgate
E. Colgate - Tacoma, WA - Cognitive decline Now that I’ve had more time for the stem cells to continue their work, I do have a bit more energy and that has continued to gradually increase since the treatment. I have noticed some improvements in memory, both long term and short term. Sometimes I think, “where did that memory come from” if it seems to come out of nowhere. Trying to measure improvement is a bit trickier since I am still taking the adderall. I have, however, reduced the amount of adderall I am taking, which is an improvement in itself. That is also helpful because I prefer to take less since more of it causes me to need to drink too much water and urinate too much and to have some dry mouth symptoms.
N. Lopez
N. Lopez - Autoimmune Disease I am doing so great since my first stem cell treatment. My arthritis pain all over and in my hands is so much less, probably 70 percent better. My dry eyes are 50 percent better! I feel well and so glad I received the stem cells, looking forward to more treatments.
Thank you Dr. Whitney
H. & E. Feddersen
H. & E. Feddersen - Merced, CA - Dementia - Type 2 Diabetes - Poor Balance - Thumb pain I got stem cell therapy to address issues of dementia and memory loss, poor balance, and my type 2 diabetes, and chronic thumb pain. I’m currently 70 years old, when I was in my 30’s I had a series of small strokes, called TIAs, that were confirmed on an MRI a few years ago. I lost most of sense of smell and taste back then. I’ve struggled with type 2 diabetes for years. My blood sugar is usually around 150 or higher, despite switching to a low carb diet. A few years ago I started having memory and balance issues. I was given an exam where I walk “heel-to-toes” and I failed it. I was very unstable, almost falling down. I started practicing it hoping I could correct it on my own but I was still wobbly and unstable. My memory had gotten really bad, my wife has to tell me multiple times to do tasks and I have to ask her what I’m doing sometimes in the middle of a task. My thumbs ache constantly, especially when I have to squeeze anything or open a jar.

After my stem cell treatments 1 month ago at Innate my balance, memory, and blood sugars are all improving. I can walk heel-to-toe without falling most of the time, almost perfect, and I feel more stable in general. My blood sugars this last week averaged 120 with a low of 104. That’s a record low for me. They’ve been steadily decreasing each week. My memory is improving, I feel better someday and somedays not. I’m much happier with how many “better” days I’m having. It’s easier to function to get things done. My wife can attest to this, she doesn’t have to tell me as often. Sometimes she only tells me once. On bad days before she would tell me several times to get simple tasks done. My attention span is up as well. I used to only watch the same shows but for some reason I’ve been much more interested in politics and can read and watch the news longer. Doc says he doesn’t know what to make of that. My thumbs saw some improvements at first but they still ache a lot. Doc said it could take longer for these to improve.

My sense of smell and taste started to return about 2 weeks ago. This was a surprise as I didn’t think to have this treated when I went in. But I’m smelling things much more vividly. My taste is more sensitive as well. My wife says I put too much sweetener on things cause I can’t taste well. So now things taste a lot sweeter so I’m using less, which is good for my diabetes as well.

I’m excited to continue my treatments. especially if this progress continues. I’m a happy camper!
A. Simons
A. Simons - Los Angeles, CA - Dementia After the first treatment I feel like there’s a cloud that has been lifted off of me. I’m feeling less confused and my short term memory has improved. I’m a lot more energetic, more enthusiastic…happier. I remember conversations better. My son quizzes me often and tells me I’m improving. All my children tell me how much better I am doing. I’m so grateful and excite we found you. I’m very excited for the next stem cell and exosome treatments.
K. Rivers
K. Rivers - Houston, TX - Seizures My daughter received stem cell treatment for absent seizures from Dr Whitney. Within just a few days, the absent seizures were dramatically reduced. As the months continued they continued to be reduced by at least 50%. She’s remained active in volleyball, basketball and soccer. Dr Whitney is very caring and made her feel so at ease. She has a fear of Dr’s and she was very relaxed while receiving treatment.
K. Rivers
K. Rivers - Houston, TX - Lyme’s and Crohn’s Disease I received stem cells from Dr Whitney for Lyme’s and Crohn’s. I have been very satisfied with the stem cells. I have virtually no pain. My Lyme’s & Crohn’s symptoms have greatly improved and inflammation has been reduced. Dr Whitney is wonderful and cares about his patients. He has a great bedside manner to him.
V.L. - Wittmann, AZ The whole office staff is very supportive on your way to get your life back. Staff has made you feel, they are really genuinely concern about your health and how to get your life back on track. The staff/Doctors are very knowledgeable and updated on medical information and are more than willing to share that information so you know what to expect both immediately and as your treatment progresses. Thank you very much 🙂
K.R. - Phoenix, AZ Not fully knowing what to expect, but from checkin to medical review and procedures, the process went smoothly, and efficiently. Dr. Whitney has a calming presence along with a desire to see people regain quality of life. Very positive experience.
J.M. - Phoenix, AZ Dr. Travis does what I’m expecting to resolve my nerve disparity from 2 back operations. So far, so good
G.M. - Phoenix, AZ Dr. Whitney was very informative with what he was doing before he started treatment. He explained the procedure and asst. was very gentle. Impressed with his bedside manner.
K.R. - Houston, TX - Crohn’s Disease - IBD Dr Whitney and staff are amazing! Very caring and took the time to answer my questions. I was not sure of my results before the procedure but after the procedure I am amazed at how I feel. My symptoms have decreased significantly.
J.A. Dr. Whitney’s level of care is unmatched. He provides an unwavering attention to detail and compassion to his patients. Combined with his extensive knowledge, there are few doctors who I would trust to such a degree. He truly is a grade A doctor.
S.W. - Tempe, AZ I highly recommend Innate Healthcare. I received an IV vitamin treatment in hopes to strengthen my immune system before taking a trip. It wasn’t an easy decision due to my anxiety with needles/blood. I felt comfortable the moment I arrived and Dr. Whitney got a good vein on the first attempt (this is a rarity for me)! The whole process was nice and quick and I felt amazing upon finishing up the treatment. My energy levels were awesome the next few days and I didn’t pick up any sicknesses while traveling- woohoo! This was my first time receiving a treatment of this kind and I am so delighted to have had such a great experience. Thank you thank you!!!!
T.B. - Scottsdale, AZ I met Dr. Whitney a few years ago. I shared with him my health concerns (Chronic Neuro Lyme/Celiac Disease etc..) The first thing I noticed about him immediately, is that he truly listens attentively and comes up with options to treat. He does not come across as knowing all the answers but has intelligent and educated, tried and true methods which get results and resolve; no arrogance, like some I have encountered. His heart and passion for better health, shows in his approach. I have received acupuncture from many practitioners over the years, and his knowledge and application surpasses all of them. As a holistic practitioner myself, I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Whitney when I know he can help them more in depth.
E.S. - Phoenix, AZ Great staff that actually cares about your overall wellbeing. I’ve never experienced a doctor before that will stay open a little bit later just to make sure you can get in to see them. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.
S.H. - Phoenix, AZ Similar to these other reviews, I received that same attentive and overall sincere compassion from Dr. Whitney. Even though I was healthy when I went in (used Innate for an IV before and after a long and adventurous birthday weekend…EDC…) I was treated with the respect, courtesy and thoroughness I’d find necessary if I had gone in for a more serious reason. I rarely, if ever, leave a review but was truly blown away at how awesome and friendly this staff was in every way for such a simple visit. Beyond their friendliness, they were extremely knowledgeable about IV medicine and getting an IV before my trip and upon my return home was THE BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE, THANK YOU FOR THE ADIVCE. Even if I had just done the one before the trip would have still been an excellent decision. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as superb in my life after any long weekend I’ve ever had. Highly recommended.
S.S. - Tempe, AZ Dr. Whitney is very friendly, professional, approachable and genuinely caring physician. I’ve gotten treated by Dr. Whitney many times (mainly acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical adjustments) and have always felt very comfortable and satisfied with my treatments. I wanted to see if acupuncture would help me sleep better, improve my cognitive function, and improve respiratory health and I have seen improvement in all of these areas. I also recently began treating my adult acne and am happy to say I’m starting to see great results! I absolutely recommend Dr. Whitney for anything from specific treatments to a general check up!!