Your Chronic Inflamation Fighter

Fight chronic inflammation, brain fog, fatigue and a host of other conditions with the power of EBO2; a high-volume blood filtration and ozone therapy protocol.

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute
EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute

We believe that EBO2 is one of the most powerful protocols you can use to slow down the aging process and boost your quality of life immediately. Schedule your appointment today to experience it for yourself.

What We Treat

Injuries and illnesses potentially treated by EBO2:

Inflammation & Inflammatory Diseases

Autoimmune Related Diseases

Bacterial and Viral Pathologies

Brain Fog

Cardiovascular Disease



Lyme Disease

Sleeping Difficulties

Mold Exposure

Idiosyncratic Issues

Fitness and Sports Enhancements

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute
EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute


EBO2 has been found to have the following benefits

  • Improved energy
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Reduced brain fog
  • Better sleep
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduced frequency of sicknesses
  • Reduced overall body pain
  • Regenerative cell activation
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Stimulation of white blood cells
  • Detoxification

“Post treatments I have zero symptoms of chest pain or palpitations from my myocarditis diagnosis and lack of symptoms from my autoimmune. I continue to improve in sleep quality, energy levels and overall health everyday.”

– Sydney Doherty, Doctor of Chinese Medicine

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute

What To Expect

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute

How it works

Using one of two IV lines, blood is removed from the patient’s body.

The blood goes through multiple steps of filtration and then undergoes ozonation, oxygenation, and photomodulation (with Red Light and UV light).

The blood is immediately returned to the patient’s body using the second IV line.

When the blood is returned, it will have a noticeably different color – a very bright red, whereas previously it was dark red with visible particles in it before being “cleaned.”

This entire process lasts around 90 minutes.

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute

Why we love it

We recommend EBO2 to many of our patients, and many of them have seen dramatic benefits to their health and simply how they feel on a day-to-day basis.

Results can vary depending on a person’s current health status, so we can’t guarantee any magical cure to your ailments, yet we believe that EBO2 is one of the most powerful protocols you can use to slow down the aging process and boost your quality of life immediately. Professional athletes and celebrities use these protocols to stay at the top of their game.

EBO2 Innate Healthcare Institute


Frequently Asked Questions

What is EBO2?

Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation (EBO2) is a game-changing protocol that can be used to fight chronic inflammation in the body and a host of diseases, including autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases.

What is the EBO2 protocol?

The EBO2 protocol involves removing a patient’s blood and infusing it with oxygen, ozone, red light, and UV light, then returning it to the body. This process effectively filters the blood to remove heavy metals, fats, cholesterols, and inflammatory proteins.

What is the main purpose of the EBO2 protocol?

The purpose of using ozone is to reduce inflammation and increase oxygen utilization. Doing so will help slow down the aging process.

Does EBO2 affect mitochondria?

EBO2 can have a major effect on ATP and NAD+ production, and ultimately on the health and function of your mitochondria.

How long is an EBO2 protocol?

An EBO2 protocol is a roughly 45-90-minute procedure that’s minimally invasive and painless.

How is EBO2 different from ozone therapy or 10-pass ozone?

Traditional ozone therapy or ten pass ozone therapy treats only a small portion of a patient’s blood with ozone alone, while EBO2 treats the majority (5-7 liters) of a patient’s blood through filtration, ozonation, oxygenation, and photobiomodulation.

Is EBO2 similar to hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)?

In HBOT, patients are enclosed within a chamber that allows the body to absorb higher levels of oxygen than what is possible at our normal atmospheric pressure. This allows for the health benefits of increased oxygen availability to our body’s tissues. With our EBO2 protocol, oxygen is infused directly into the bloodstream along with the added benefits of filtration, ozonation and photomodulation.
While there can be similar anti-inflammatory effects with both protocols, we believe the EBO2 protocol to be a much more effective solution for the majority of our patients due to its’ combination of oxygenation, ozonation, filtration, and photomodulation. For specific patient cases, HBOT can be a wonderful addition to EBO2 as part of the patient’s care. We recommend having a consultation with one of our trusted physicians to learn more about what’s right for you along with a custom-tailored recommended protocol.

Schedule a Consultation

Each session is approximately 2 hours and costs $1,800. We offer packages of 3 sessions for $5,000. For stem cell patients we offer a special rate of $1,300. Get started by scheduling a consultation. If you prefer immediate assistance, please call us at 602-603-3118.