Dr. Miriam Zerio

Hair Regrowth

Regenerative and Family Medicine Doctor

Dr. Miriam Zerio is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, graduating with a biomedical sciences degree, nursing degree, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner from Arizona State University. Starting her medical career in Biomedical sciences, she brings with her extensive knowledge about laboratory testing and utilizing them to support patients with regenerative medicine and getting to the root of her patient’s medical problems. In addition to specializing in regenerative medicines and stem cell therapy, her career path has allowed her to work in a traditional primary care practice, seeing over 50% Spanish speaking patients, to her current path of Regenerative Medicine.

Organizational Memberships, Medical Affiliations, Trainings, And Board Certifications

    • American Academy Of Stem Cell Physicians
    • American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
    • Arizona Nurses Association
    • Evexias Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy certified

    Dr. Zerio sees her practice as one that offers a holistic and wellness-oriented approach to patient care. Especially when focusing on kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. This approach focuses on providing regenerative, personalized, and preventive medicine, that looks at the “root cause” of illness, as well as understanding the emotional and physical body connection and how emotional blocks can greatly affect physical well-being.

    When not helping others with their health she loves spending time with her daughter, Ivy, who is 4 years old, their pet white bunny, and family that is local. She enjoys traveling extensively, where she is immersed in new cultures, food and environments. She is first generation American, whose parents are native from Brazil, and she speaks Portuguese and Spanish fluently and enjoys connecting with others in their native language whenever possible.