Christina Charlesworth, BSc

Autism Communications Specialist

Founder of The Charlesworth Method, Christina Charlesworth, created a methodology that treats each client as an individual. The Charlesworth Method is based on the concept of using both nonverbal and verbal communication to create understanding and increase healthy independence. Christina has worked intensively with nonverbal clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders, providing them with the ability to communicate with their environments and the people within them. She graduated from the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Communication. She has additional continuing education in abnormal psychology, special education, and medical terminology as well as being an instructional specialist for the Hugh Downs School of Communication.

The Charlesworth Method advocates that there is not a “one-size-fits-all” approach that can be applied to every individual, rather we must understand the client, their specific strengths and weaknesses, and create learning solutions to aid them in navigating their way through life with as many tools as possible. The Charlesworth Method aims to utilize communication as a precursor to learning self regulation, the more we understand the more we can help! Christina works hands-on with clients as well as consulting with families to help set up optimal solutions that benefit clients, caretakers, and everyone in between.

In Christina’s spare time she enjoys staying active, going to the gym, hiking and continuing her training as a yoga teacher. She is passionate about the mind body connection and believes in a whole-body approach to wellness.