Want To Change Your Health…Change Your Environment

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Want To Change Your Health...Change Your Environment Innate Healthcare Institute

I love this quote, it’s perfectly encapsulates the root of naturopathic medicine. I DID NOT inherit my mother’s “green thumb”, she’s an amazing gardener that can grow anything. My houseplants have tended to not do as well until I started to focus on the soil. I’d exhaust options of amount of light, too much water, too little water, but it wasn’t until I focused on the plants environment that I was able to succeed. This quote eludes to the foundation in healing, for plants AND humans.

In states of disease, injury, and/or illness, there has to be a change made to your environment. Your “soil” needs improvement. This is where your “gardener”, in the form of your doctor or healthcare practitioner, comes in. Our environment can be complex regarding our health; there’s our diet, exercise, supplements, pharmaceuticals, environmental toxins, mental health, spirituality, emotions and much more that goes into our health. The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself, so if you’re stuck there’s probably some missing piece of the environment that needs tending. That’s why it’s important to have a doctor that knows how to address all these factors! Innate doctors are trained just for this!

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