Knee, Toes, and Thumb pains

“I had extreme pain in both knees, toes, and my thumb…my only option was surgery and I wanted an alternative so I could play with my grandkids. I didn’t want the recovery and downtime with the surgery. I had both my knees done and IV treatments with regenerative stem cell medicine. I don’t have any pain in my toes…I have no pain in my knees…I can play with my grandkids, go up and down hills, I’m back golfing 18 holes. It took a few months…my goal was to not take any more medications. I was at an 8/10 pain and now I have zero pain…no pain in the mornings, waking me up.”

Deb Sell - Phoenix, AZ

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Heart Failure and Kidney Disease

“I was in stage 4 kidney disease, lung disease, and had heart failure. I was told my only option was a heart transplant. I qualified for heart transplant since my ejection fraction was 19% but I was to old and I didn’t want to go through with a heart transplant. After stem cell treatment my kidney disease went from stage 4 to stage 3, my lung function improved from 54% to 75%, and my ejection fraction of my heart improved dramatically. I’m 77 and I feel like I’m 50 now…huge change in my energy levels…before I was barely able to get out of bed… now I’m going traveling through Europe soon. It’s amazing that I’m still here. I can do anything I want to truthfully…I’m a pretty happy guy right now.”

 Ted Marek – Scottsdale, AZ

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Shoulder Pain

“I had a bad shoulder injury in 2011, was told I needed a full shoulder replacement which would have ended my career as a firefighter. I couldn’t do ANYTHING anymore, it hurt to sleep, my shoulder even hurt breathing. I had about 10% movement. The regenerative stem cell treatment was amazing. I thought it was a placebo effect at first. But within a few weeks I was sleeping without pain, I have about 70% of motion back and I’m getting more and more active each week. In total I’m about 80% pain free. The treatment saved my career. I would recommend to anyone.”

B.R. – Phoenix, AZ - City of Phoenix Fire Captain – Shoulder pain

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Veteran With Chronic Low Back Pain

“I was a 26 year infantry aviator, I have over 185 free falls and over 300 repels from helicopters…I’ve landed in trees, water, Safeway parking lots, I’ve crashed two cars and had 2 helicopter crashes. I’ve had back pain for years. I did a year of acupuncture, physical therapy, hemp and cannabis gummies…I got to were I couldn’t even play golf without pain. I didn’t want back surgery…my wife’s a retired nurse, she new about stem cells from that. My pain was around 6 out of 10, or 7-8 out of 10 if I golfed…right away I was a little better, after 30 days I felt a lot better. Now I get up and do 30-45 stretches and exercises…now my normal pain level is a zero. If I do something strenuous it gets to a 2 or 3 but I recovery quickly…I developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) which came and went…loss of strength on my left side…I tried 6 months of physical therapy…I could’t drink any alcohol with GBS…I was told I might be partially paralyzed…since the treatment it’s been non-existent. I’m happy with the results…plus my tax lady told me it was a right off!

Doug Holtz - Phoenix, AZ - 26 Year Veteran Infantry Aviator

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Knee Pain In Former NFL Linebacker

“I was up for a knee replacement at age 28, I just dealt with it. My wife, who’s a medical lab scientist told me about stem cell advancements, and I heard of other athletes that had it done…. I had excruciating knee pain, couldn’t walk downstairs, run or hike anymore. Stuff a normal 38-year-old should. I decided it was time. Now I’m back running, hiking, and things in the gym I haven’t down in years. It’s changed my life. I’m back to doing things with my wife. Friends and family are noticing me doing things I haven’t done in years...Other pains have cleared up in my wrists and hands…My wife got treated as well, we were having trouble getting pregnant and she was having troubles with ovulation. She’s been ovulating for the past 3 months and we were able to get pregnant.”

Mason Unck – Phoenix, AZ – Former NFL Cleveland Brown’s Linebacker

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Low Back Pain In Former College Basketball Player

I’ve struggled with low back pain since my 20’s, I was a basketball player, had an accident and had surgery. Since then I’ve struggled with low back pain…I had to stop playing basketball, learned to walk again over 6 months. The pain got more and more frequent, it was a 10 out of 10 pain. I tried drugs…was offered to have another surgery but with having a son I couldn’t take 6 months off for recovery. Another doctor recommended I look into a stem cell procedure. I’ve been dealing with this pain for 20 years so I had nothing to lose. Since the treatment I noticed a change in 2 weeks, wasn’t having pain while trying to sleep, I’m working out 5 days a week with no pain. I have zero pain now. It’s been 8 months and the pain hasn’t come back. There was no time in a hospital. I’m getting stronger little by little with exercising.”

Jenny Rodriguez - Phoenix, AZ - Former College Basketball Star With 20 yrs Low Back Pain

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Unexplained Pain Of Over 50 Years

“My brother had unexplained pain in his legs, arms, and neck for over 50 years. We’ve had some great doctors over the years, but they just couldn’t help Warren. He was on hydrocodone for a long time but had to stop due to the side effects. Eventually he just had to suffer through it. I found out about stem cell medicine and I had a lot of misconceptions about it. So we came in to talk about it and felt better. After his series of stem cell treatments he was doing great so we came back and had more…now he’s 90% better. The other doctors tried to help but they couldn’t until we found this. He’s absolutely happy about his results"

Judith Uselman - Patient’s Brother and Caregiver

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Chronic Disabling Knee Pain

“I love to play golf, that’s really important to me…I’d tried other treatments, gel shots. I was on crutches for awhile which the gel shots helped with but I still had pain. Even sleeping at night I’d have pain. I didn’t want to have surgery, I’d read and heard a lot of people didn’t have success. My surgeon said it was my choice if I wanted to try stem cell therapy, but he said he wouldn’t do it personally…I’m extremely pleased with the results…it seems the longer that goes on the better my knee gets. I’m no longer waking up in pain, I don’t have anymore pain. A twinge every now and then on the golf course…but this procedure has been 100% successful for me. It took a couple days for me to start noticing a change…overall I felt like I have more energy.”

James Hackett - Paradise Valley, AZ

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Knee and Hip Pain

“Being in the nursing field for over 50 yrs left me with bad knees and hips…I had a total knee replacement on left knee which went well. For my right knee I started researching other options and found stem cell medicine. I came in and had my right knee done and did really well, and my hips. My hips are well but not as well as my knee…the next day it was better…after a month there was no pain. I was bone on bone. The rehab from the knee replacement was very difficult. Now I workout 4 days a week, I continued to workout even after the stem cell injection. I do cardio classes and don’t have any pain in my knee during exercise, before I did…I’m much more functional and comfortable doing what I want to do…I think this is a great option to try before surgery…to me this makes 100% sense to do.”

Marilyn Gardner - Phoenix, AZ

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Back Pain

“I was so happy Dr Whitney provided options for my chronic back pain. A year and a half of physical therapy provided no progress and continual re-injury. All physicians I saw before Dr. Whitney told me that I would just have to manage my pain for the rest of my life. I'm fairly young so that was a very discouraging outlook. Just one session made a huge difference in my pain levels, my ability to function at work and back out on the dance floor! I was so impressed with Dr. Whitney. His experience was obvious as he quickly diagnosed the best option for my debilitating chronic pain. His compassion for his patients was evident throughout the therapy as well as having the skill to efficiently complete the process. I felt like I was in good hands and am so thankful to get back to a pain free life! I recommend him to anyone who has chronic pain!”

C.G. - Low back pain

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Regenerative Medicine/BHRT/Weight Loss

“The whole office staff is very supportive on your way to get your life back. Staff has made you feel, they are really genuinely concern about your health and how to get your life back on track. The staff/Doctors are very knowledgeable and updated on medical information and are more than willing to share that information so you know what to expect both immediately and as your treatment progresses. Thank you very much :)”

V.L. - Wittmann, AZ

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Back Pain with Sciatica

“I recently met Dr. Whitney while trying to find a doctor who actually would listen to my mother's issues. For three months I took her to all kinds of different doctors. All of them just wrote a prescription and dismissed her. She is 80 years old and has several bulging discs in her back which are pinching her sciatica nerve. She was in excruciating pain all of the time. She didn't like how the medications made her feel, and the relief didn't last long. Luckily in February we found Dr. Whitney! He really listened to my mother's issues and truly wanted to help her. He's so patient and compassionate with her and listens to all of her concerns. After a few treatments with him, my mother started seeing improvements. When I first brought her in, I had to bring her in a wheelchair, as she was unable to walk very far. He has been treating her for just over a month. She is doing so much better she's able to walk and move around. But, most of all you can see it in her overall physical and mental state. I'm so thankful we found Dr. Whitney. I would highly recommend him. Great Doctors are hard to find and he's definitely a great find!!”

L.L. Phoenix, AZ – Back pain with Sciatica

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Regenerative Medicine

“Not fully knowing what to expect, but from checkin to medical review and procedures, the process went smoothly, and efficiently. Dr. Whitney has a calming presence along with a desire to see people regain quality of life. Very positive experience.”

K.R. - Phoenix, AZ

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“Dr Whitney and staff are amazing! Very caring and took the time to answer my questions. I was not sure of my results before the procedure but after the procedure I am amazed at how I feel. My symptoms have decreased significantly.”

K.R. Houston, TX - Crohn’s Disease/IBD

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“Dr. Whitney's level of care is unmatched. He provides an unwavering attention to detail and compassion to his patients. Combined with his extensive knowledge, there are few doctors who I would trust to such a degree. He truly is a grade A doctor”


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Low Immune Function and Fatigue

“I highly recommend Innate Healthcare. I received an IV vitamin treatment in hopes to strengthen my immune system before taking a trip. It wasn't an easy decision due to my anxiety with needles/blood. I felt comfortable the moment I arrived and Dr. Whitney got a good vein on the first attempt (this is a rarity for me)! The whole process was nice and quick and I felt amazing upon finishing up the treatment. My energy levels were awesome the next few days and I didn't pick up any sicknesses while traveling- woohoo! This was my first time receiving a treatment of this kind and I am so delighted to have had such a great experience. Thank you thank you!!!!”

S.W. – Tempe, AZ

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