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At Innate Healthcare Institute, we combine an effective blend of regenerative and integrative medicine, for those that wish to defy the normal process of aging.

Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute
Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute

We are leading experts in stem cell therapy for anti-aging and longevity, combining our vast clinical experience with the latest in protocols from around the world. Our holistic, comprehensive approach is designed to produce the best results.

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Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute
Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute

What Is Longevity?

For thousands of year scholars, scientists, doctors, monks, sages, society‘s elite and many more have sought for longevity, and even immortality. Taoists in ancient China explored longevity by experimenting with various herbs and meditations, Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk, and Elizabethan women use to place thin slices of raw beef on their face for better skin. Fast forward to today and we have a plethora of lotions, creams, hormones, pills, and more to keep feeling and looking younger. However, the results are often very conflicting.

Often referred to now as “anti-aging”, we don’t prefer that term since there’s really no “anti” to aging. We’re all going to age, and that’s an inevitability of life. We prefer the term LONGEVITY as the aim is to defy the typical course of aging.

If you look at aging as a disease, which many scientists and doctors are now doing, including David Sinclair, PhD (Harvard Professor in the Department of Genetics and co-Director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging at Harvard Medical School), you can start looking at how to treat it.

One of the hallmark signs of aging is a decrease in our body’s natural stores of mesenchymal stem cells along with the anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties they have. These cells are often more accurately referred to as ‘medicinal signaling cells’ since they signal and release medicines to other cells in our body. It’s been well established that as we age, we lose our bodies natural supply of stem cells both in number and how well they perform.

The unique approach to looking, and treating, aging as a medical condition is that you don’t only look at one condition like we do conventionally. For instance, “you have diabetes, so we’ll treat you for that”, or “you are diagnosed with heart disease, so here’s a drug for that”. Instead we can start looking at treating multiple conditions simultaneously.

Symptoms of Aging

There are many symptoms involved with ageing. There are complex epigenetic, genetic, and environmental factors that play roles in the aging of our cells. Eventually our cells don’t replicate and perform as well, causing our bodies to have what we call aging.

Some of the most common symptoms of aging:

Loss of Energy

Impaired Ability to Recover From Stress or Illness

Decreased Cognitive Ability

Impaired Vision and Hearing

Decreased Muscle Mass

Decreased Bone Density

Decreased Immune Function

Weaker Skin

Hair Loss

Poor Balance and Mobility

Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute

stem cell therapy for LONGEVITY

How It Works

Mesenchymal stem cells (aka medicinal signaling cells) are specialized cells in our body designed to improve the immune system and restore damaged tissue. Stem cell therapy with human umbilical cord tissue derived mesenchymal stem cells (UC-MSCs) corrects the inflammatory process by modulating the immune system from a pro-inflammatory attacking state to an anti-inflammatory healthy state. They also have the ability to regenerate damage done from the autoimmune attack. Stem cells do this by secreting healing activators such as growth factors, cytokines, and exosomes to the surrounding environment.

With longevity there are some obvious “symptoms” we would want to address… feeling and looking younger.

From one study that applied the conditioned media of UC-MSC topically the results showed that “topical treatment A randomized, double-blinded, dose-finding study in elderly, frail individuals showed that intravenously delivered allogeneic MSCs, like UC-MSC, are safe and produce significant improvements in physical performance measures and inflammatory biomarkers.

A study that administered UC-MSC in aged mice demonstrated that intraperitoneal administration of UC-MSCs can counteract cognitive aging at the synaptic plasticity, neural networks, molecular regulation, and cognitive levels in the aged brain.

Stem cells provide promising results for the number one cause of death in the US, heart disease. Stem cells have shown the ability to repair and regenerate heart tissue.

In addition to stem cells alone potentially being modern miracles for health, our scientists can tailor the stem cells to treat very specific conditions. There are simply to many examples and too much research to list.

We already have hundreds of patients reporting “feeling and looking younger”, “having more vitality”, or “doing things they haven’t done in years”, simply after one or two treatments. Now we’re making the therapy specifically for those that wish to defy the normal process of aging.

What can be expected during longevity treatments?

At Innate Healthcare our longevity program doesn’t just include state if the art UC-MSC therapy. While stem cells play a vital role in delaying the aging process, we use a personalized approach and modify your diet and lifestyle in conjunction with longevity medications, supplements, vitamin therapy, and herbal medicines.

Some results to expect while on this therapy:

  • An improvement in quality of life
  • Increased vitality
  • Decreased pain
  • Increased capacity for physical activities
  • Increased strength
  • Increased libido
  • Improved hair and skin
  • Stronger immunity

How aging is treated with stem cell therapy

High doses of young, youthful stem cells are administered depending on the route best chosen by your doctor. Before the stem cells we administer large doses of IV vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. This primes the body and allows stem cells to bypass through the lungs better and enter the brain easier.

We have a specialized approach at Innate with also delivering cells intranasally, which is simply injecting them in the sinuses. There is a bundle of nerves that travels directly to the brain. If you’re curious or would like to impress your friends, this is referred to as sphenopalatine ganglion administration.

What are the advantages of using allogenic (not the patient’s own) umbilical cord tissue derived stem cells?

  • Umbilical cord tissue is one of the most abundant sources of stem cells, producing a greater number and quality of stem cells
  • Stem cells are immune privileged, meaning there is no rejection by our bodies when administered
  • Using UC-MSC means there’s no need for invasive procedures seen in bone-marrow or adipose derived stem cells. These methods also tend to produce inferior numbers and poorer quality of stem cells
  • There is evidence that UC-MSCs are a more viable source compared to other MSC sources. Meaning they perform better at what MSCs do naturally
  • UC-MSCs can be administered safely numerous times, each time adding more and more benefit. Unlike steroid injections which end up damaging your joints even more if administered to often

How is Innate Healthcare’s stem cell therapy protocols different from other clinics?

Our regenerative medicines come from the highest quality labs in the U.S. We follow our vast clinical experience and very well researched protocols from all over the world that achieve the best results. In addition, we treat using a very holistic, comprehensive approach. Some patient’s protocols may vary, as everyone is treated according to their unique presentation:

  • We treat with very high, and safe, doses.
  • Included with the treatment is other forms of healing, such as IV nutrients, and acupuncture, to facilitate the healing.
  • Herbal medicines, nutraceuticals, and nutritional guidelines are provided.
  • Patients are encouraged to return to the clinic for additional care during following months.

“After one treatment… I feel like I have my life back. I’m active again. I don’t feel like I’m just alive. I feel like I’m living life. ”

– Lydia, Scottsdale AZ

What To Expect

Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute

How it works

In the quest for the elixir of youth, emerging research suggests that Umbilical Cord-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC-MSCs) hold tremendous promise for promoting longevity and combating the aging process. These versatile stem cells, harvested from discarded umbilical cords, possess unique regenerative properties that make them particularly attractive for anti-aging applications. UC-MSCs have the ability to differentiate into various cell types, aiding in the repair and rejuvenation of damaged tissues that occur naturally with aging. Moreover, their potent anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects contribute to a reduction in chronic inflammation, a key driver of age-related diseases.

The aging process is intricately linked to a decline in the body’s regenerative capabilities and an increase in oxidative stress. UC-MSCs, armed with their antioxidative mechanisms, can help neutralize free radicals and mitigate the oxidative damage that accumulates over time.

Beyond their cellular regenerative prowess, UC-MSCs play a crucial role in modulating the immune system. Aging is often accompanied by immune system dysregulation, leading to increased susceptibility to infections and the development of age-related diseases. UC-MSCs have been shown to enhance immune function, striking a balance that may contribute to an overall improvement in health and resilience.

Longevity Treatment in Phoenix Innate Healthcare Institute

We we love it

We love that people are drawn to Umbilical Cord-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells (UC-MSCs) for anti-aging and longevity due to their remarkable regenerative properties and potential to address key factors associated with aging. Plus there’s no surgical procedure to remove them from a patient. These cells can be frozen for long term, making them a much more affordable option for most.

In essence, people are captivated by the potential of UC-MSCs to not only possibly extend lifespan but to improve the quality of life, offering a holistic solution that encompasses cellular regeneration, inflammation reduction, and immune system optimization. As individuals seek effective and science-backed strategies for aging gracefully, UC-MSCs stand out as a promising frontier in the pursuit of lasting vitality and well-being.

As we unlock the secrets of UC-MSCs, we embark on a journey towards extending not just the quantity but the quality of life. Join us in exploring the frontier of longevity and anti-aging through the remarkable potential of Umbilical Cord-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Embrace a future where the key to a vibrant and youthful existence may lie within the regenerative powers of these extraordinary cells.

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