Angela Dorman

Medical Assistant

Angela received her Medical Assistant certificate from Remington College in 2009. She began her medical career in Internal/Family Medicine, Pulmonary and Obstetrics for three years until she found her current love in Integrative Medicine. She has worked in Naturopathic Medicine now for over nine years and is a very firm believer that we must treat and heal the body as a whole- physically, mentally, and spiritually. She has had the opportunity to witness patients in all walks of life heal from all sorts of ailments, to now living a happy, healthy balanced life. Ang is very blessed being a part of the Innate Healthcare team and to be a part of our patients healing journey! Angela is always staying on top of her love for healthcare education, studying as much as she can in the healing arts.

Angela, also known as Angie or Ang, was born in Southern California and raised in Houston Texas. Outside of work, Angela is a wife and new mother. She has been married to her loving and supportive husband for three years and together they have a beautiful daughter. When she is not at Innate Healthcare helping patients, you can find her soaking up time with her family. Angie enjoys being out in nature as much as possible to decompress and reconnect with herself and her loved ones. Going on walks with her fur children, cooking, camping, hiking and just being outdoors.