“I was in stage 4 kidney disease, lung disease, and heart failure. I was told my only option was a heart transplant. But I was too old and I didn’t want to go through with a heart transplant. After stem cell treatment my kidney disease went from stage 4 to stage 3, my lung function improved from 54% to 75%, and my ejection fraction of my heart improved dramatically. Before I was barely able to get out of bed… now I’m going traveling through Europe soon.”

– Ted Marek / Scottsdale, AZ

“I had extreme pain in both knees, toes, and my thumb… my only option was surgery and I wanted an alternative so I could play with my grandkids. I didn’t want the recovery and downtime with the surgery. I had both my knees done and IV treatments with regenerative stem cell medicine. I don’t have any pain in my toes…I have no pain in my knees…I can play with my grandkids, go up and down hills… I’m back golfing 18 holes. I was at an 8/10 pain and now I have zero pain…no pain in the mornings, waking me up.”

– Deb Sell / Phoenix, AZ

“I had a bad shoulder injury in 2011, was told I needed a full shoulder replacement which would have ended my career as a firefighter. I couldn’t do ANYTHING anymore, it hurt to sleep, my shoulder even hurt breathing. I had about 10% movement. The regenerative stem cell treatment was amazing. I thought it was a placebo effect at first. But within a few weeks I was sleeping without pain, I have about 70% of motion back and I’m getting more and more active each week. In total I’m about 80% pain free. The treatment saved my career. I would recommend to anyone.”

– B.R. / Phoenix, AZ / City of Phoenix Fire Captain

Our Success Innate Healthcare Institute
Our Success Innate Healthcare Institute

Real Patients. Real Results.

“I was a 26 year infantry aviator, I have over 185 free falls and over 300 repels from helicopters…I’ve landed in trees, water, Safeway parking lots, I’ve crashed two cars and had 2 helicopter crashes. I’ve had back pain for years. I did a year of acupuncture, physical therapy, hemp and cannabis gummies…I got to were I couldn’t even play golf without pain. I didn’t want back surgery…my wife’s a retired nurse, she knew about stem cells from that. My pain was around 6 out of 10, or 7-8 out of 10 if I golfed…right away I was a little better, after 30 days I felt a lot better. Now I get up and do 30-45 stretches and exercises…now my normal pain level is a zero. If I do something strenuous it gets to a 2 or 3 but I recovery quickly…I developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) which came and went…loss of strength on my left side…I tried 6 months of physical therapy…I couldn’t drink any alcohol with GBS…I was told I might be partially paralyzed…since the treatment it’s been non-existent. I’m happy with the results…plus my tax lady told me it was a right off!”

– Doug Holtz / Phoenix, AZ / 26-Year Veteran Infantry Aviator

“I was up for a knee replacement at age 28, I just dealt with it. My wife, who’s a medical lab scientist told me about stem cell advancements, and I heard of other athletes that had it done…. I had excruciating knee pain, couldn’t walk downstairs, run or hike anymore. Stuff a normal 38-year-old should. I decided it was time. Now I’m back running, hiking, and things in the gym I haven’t down in years. It’s changed my life. I’m back to doing things with my wife. Friends and family are noticing me doing things I haven’t done in years…Other pains have cleared up in my wrists and hands…My wife got treated as well, we were having trouble getting pregnant and she was having troubles with ovulation. She’s been ovulating for the past 3 months and we were able to get pregnant.”

– Mason Unck / Phoenix, AZ / Former NFL Linebacker

“I’ve struggled with low back pain since my 20’s, I was a basketball player, had an accident and had surgery. Since then I’ve struggled with low back pain…I had to stop playing basketball, learned to walk again over 6 months. The pain got more and more frequent, it was a 10 out of 10 pain. I tried drugs…was offered to have another surgery but with having a son I couldn’t take 6 months off for recovery. Another doctor recommended I look into a stem cell procedure. I’ve been dealing with this pain for 20 years so I had nothing to lose. Since the treatment I noticed a change in 2 weeks, wasn’t having pain while trying to sleep, I’m working out 5 days a week with no pain. I have zero pain now. It’s been 8 months and the pain hasn’t come back. There was no time in a hospital. I’m getting stronger little by little with exercising.”

– Jenny Rodriguez / Phoenix, AZ / Former College Basketball Star

“My brother had unexplained pain in his legs, arms, and neck for over 50 years. We’ve had some great doctors over the years, but they just couldn’t help Warren. He was on hydrocodone for a long time but had to stop due to the side effects. Eventually he just had to suffer through it. I found out about stem cell medicine and I had a lot of misconceptions about it. So we came in to talk about it and felt better. After his series of stem cell treatments he was doing great so we came back and had more…now he’s 90% better. The other doctors tried to help but they couldn’t until we found this. He’s absolutely happy about his results.”

– Judith Uselman / Patient’s Brother and Caregiver

“I love to play golf, that’s really important to me…I’d tried other treatments, gel shots. I was on crutches for awhile which the gel shots helped with but I still had pain. Even sleeping at night I’d have pain. I didn’t want to have surgery, I’d read and heard a lot of people didn’t have success. My surgeon said it was my choice if I wanted to try stem cell therapy, but he said he wouldn’t do it personally…I’m extremely pleased with the results…it seems the longer that goes on the better my knee gets. I’m no longer waking up in pain, I don’t have anymore pain. A twinge every now and then on the golf course…but this procedure has been 100% successful for me. It took a couple days for me to start noticing a change…overall I felt like I have more energy.”

– James Hackett / Paradise Valley, AZ

“Being in the nursing field for over 50 yrs left me with bad knees and hips…I had a total knee replacement on left knee which went well. For my right knee I started researching other options and found stem cell medicine. I came in and had my right knee done and did really well, and my hips. My hips are well but not as well as my knee…the next day it was better…after a month there was no pain. I was bone on bone. The rehab from the knee replacement was very difficult. Now I workout 4 days a week, I continued to workout even after the stem cell injection. I do cardio classes and don’t have any pain in my knee during exercise, before I did…I’m much more functional and comfortable doing what I want to do…I think this is a great option to try before surgery…to me this makes 100% sense to do.”

– Marilyn Gardner / Phoenix, AZ

More Patient Testimonials
Yasmin – Nashville, TN – Mother of Child with Autism

“Maysa is doing amazing, so great, since our last stem cell treatment! Immediately after, her sleep quality improved. She’s been doing so amazing since treatments. No more text messages from her school about outbursts and misbehaving. She has good days or great days.
We haven’t needed to give her melatonin once since treatments. Before we were giving her melatonin 2-3 times a night, once for her to fall asleep and then we would giver more once she woke up so she would stay asleep. Now she sometimes wakes up at 4am and we tell her to go back to sleep and she does it. Before she’d wake up and jump on the bed, go through the house and turn lights on, and basically just be awake.

Maysa always had a chronic runny nose. Ever since treatment she hasn’t had a runny nose. Not getting allergies or colds like she used to. She’s fine the entire day of school and going to her clinic afterwards. She used to have a lot of stimming with any kind of probiotic product or food. She can now take the probiotics without having a bad reaction, and she can eat fermented foods.

She’s far more calmer, present. Not always running around looking for something to do. She’s been engaging in new activities. Never wanted to drive the battery powered car but after getting back she wanted to play and drive in the toy battery car. Her coordination has improved so much. Listening and learning instructions on how to drive, she now knows how to press the pedal and steer, she’s understanding so much better. It’s little things we see in her. We can’t thank Dr. Whitney enough for everything he has done! We’re excited come back in late Nov or early Dec and continue treatments.”

Meskerem A. – Burtonsville, MD – Mother of Child with Autism

“We have seen huge improvements in Ermias since coming back from stem cell treatments in Arizona, especially with eye contact and his listening. His ABA therapists say he’s improved so much that they change and update his lessons every two weeks now because of how well he’s doing in therapy, before he would make very little progress. His digestion has improved so much, we no longer give him enzymes. When we go to the store we no longer need to worry about him. He doesn’t run off or misbehave. No tantrums. He used to throw tantrums when leaving the store or the park. Now he just grabs my hand and leaves when I tell him it’s time to go. He follows every direction we tell him. Before the treatment he only could identify 2 pictures and now he’s identifying 20 pictures. He’s so smart. His ABA therapists have been amazed at his improvements. We haven’t seen this much progress after working with other therapists and biomedical doctors. It’s been an absolute miracle and we thank you so much. We’re looking forward to coming back for our next treatments in a few months.”

Trish M. – Los Angelas, CA – Mother of Child with Autism

“I’m so happy we went to get treatment from Dr Whitney. We’ve seen gains we were not expecting such as better motor skills. She had more confidence in walking and running. London is practicing her annunciation and has me repeat words she hears. Francisco has noticed more energy and London is more curious to world around her.”

Raquel Lynskey – Phoenix, AZ – Chronic Low Back Pain

“I first heard about Dr. Whitney from a patient who had been to see him about her knees that didn’t work.. she said he’s a miracle worker! I had lower back pain that was so debilitating, I couldn’t sit or stand for very long, no longer could do yoga or run. I was at the end of my rope and did not want to depend on pain killers or muscle relaxers or any medicine for that matter. So I went to see what this prolotherapy was all about. I was highly skeptical that these injections would fix my excruciating pain. After the second treatment, I felt a huge improvement and was amazed. Dr. Whitney ended up doing 5 sessions of injections to my lower back and hip. That was about 4 years ago and I have had zero lower back pain since. When I tell you he literally saved my life with this treatment, I am not exaggerating. Anyone who has ever experienced that kind of debilitating pain will try anything to make it go away. I am forever grateful I took that step with Dr. Whitney.”

C. Conrad – Broken Arrow, OK – Mother of Child with Autism
3-month follow-up: “Hi Amerique!I keep posting updates on Instagram. But yes receptive language is really good. He went number 2 in the potty yesterday three times 😂
He is starting to go potty at night and is not wearing pull ups. We had a few accidents last night. He does drink a lot, but he is going! 🤗He is learning and attention skills are getting better. He is able to do what I say and try to dress himself really good.Besides that. The fact that he cares for your feelings. Especially sisters feelings.

K. Saleem – Morton Grove, IL – Mother of Child with Autism
1-month follow-up: “Ayaan is doing great and showing improvement. He is a lot more engaging in activities. His babbling has improved significantly and and overall energy level has improved. Overall he has been a lot more attentive of his surroundings”

M. Wang – Mother of Child with Autism

1-month follow-up: “We’ve seen some awesome gains in Elliot! He is quicker to engage with us and others, at school as well! He is more readily putting 2-4 words together without as much prompting anymore. Transitions have gotten a lot easier (less screaming) and he follows directions much better! Things like “let’s go take a bath! Go upstairs and find dad!” So wonderful to see. He’s also eating a bigger variety of foods and more willing to try something new, as well as feed himself with utensils. He is engaging with peers more and we see that with Josiah at home too. Lots of playing together! All so great!!”

2-month follow-up: “We had a wonderful holiday season and it was a good time of rest. Elliot is continuing to grow and improve a lot! He is now making 3-5 word sentences on his own, without much prompting. He’s able to ask for everything he needs such as “I want _____” or “help me, mommy.” and etc. We’ve also seen improvements in his engagement with other kids (when we had some friends over). He was able to play near them and also participate in some of the activities without prompting, such as jumping on the bounce house with them (before he’d just get off if someone else got on). We’ve also seen less meltdowns as I said before and that continues to hold true. Yay!! He’s doing great.”

N. Rahamn – Bronx, NY – Mother of Child with Autism

1-month follow-up: “So Habibur has been doing good so far. Ever since the treatment he has about 10 more new words, he is less fearful of the crowd. He tries to communicate and imitate. As term of his appetite, he is willing to try new things. He looks more alert. He is more engaging now. He still doesn’t play with other kids and has his sensory issues..”

K. Ade Aina – Mother of Child with Autism

2-month follow-up: “Yohan is doing well, he is not as hyper as he was before.A few gains we noticed are:

Almost completely potty trained, with a few accidents here and there
He is playing with his baby brother
He understands better and signs better to communicate.
He points better too

We think he is improving.”

L. Armstrong – Mother of Child with Autism

3-month follow-up: ” Mason’s doing so very great! I’d say his biggest areas of improvement are eye contact and engagement with people. It’s been amazing to witness!

Thank you for always kindly checking in! We love having you all in Mason’s corner!”

5-month follow-up: “Wow! I can’t believe it’s been five months! Mason is still making progress in leaps and bounds! He is mimicking new words each and every day! I’d say he could babble about 2-3 words before treatment, and now can mimic about 25-30! It’s been so crazy to see! He’s also able to identify picture cards and can correctly identify upwards of 30 pictures! He’s still engaging more with his brothers, and is engaging with friends of ours that he’s never acknowledged before! It’s been such a wild ride! Everyday we’re amazed by something he does or says. My favorite thing he’s recently begun is responding to the word, “no!” It’s so amazing! As a child that has little awareness of danger, and often elopes, the ability to say, “no” and have him react appropriately is so great.”

6-month follow-up: “Mason is doing amazing!! Just yesterday Mason grab my dad’s hand and stared right into his eyes for several minutes. They talked, and Mase giggled, and the interaction had my dad in tears. He said, “He’s never acknowledged me before. Wow!”

It was an absolutely beautiful moment and those moments aren’t rare! They’re happening all the time! It’s amazing!

Thank y’all for checking in with us!
We love you guys!”

1-month follow-up: “I can’t believe it has been a whole month since our trip. It took Felicity a little while to calm down and get back into the swing of things but that is normal for her. A lot has happened since then. The school she attends built a new building which was ready mid October. She had a week off school and had to prepare to go to a different place. Although her anxiety was high, once she saw “her people” had moved too she transitioned beautifully. They have had no problems and she has adjusted well.

Ever since our autism journey began, I have kept a running list of improvements we have seen. Some of these have come after starting therapy, school, essential oils, meds etc. I notice most of what I tend to write down involves her verbal communication. That has always been a top goal for us since her potential has been there since the beginning. She has come a long way and is using her words more daily. Since our trip, she has started singing more songs from movies and shows she watches. The words are clearer and we can understand what she is singing. Lion King is her current favorite and she has said, “Timone, Pumba, Simba and Hakunna Matata.” She also has acted out the scene where Mufasa dies with her sister using a rock wall we have. She also quoted the line, “Scar, brother, help me!” It is also clear she is comprehending story lines well. This is a movie she has seen for years but she is doing more of this with other movies as well too, including ones she has just begun to watch. She has also started repeating each word in a full sentence if I ask her too. This is definately new. She has started addressing my sister’s and brother in law’s by name and interacting with them more and more. She always ignored the men in our family but has started acknowledging them and joking around.

We have noticed some non verbal things as well. Not long after arriving home, she asked to eat Cheerios which she hasn’t eaten in years. She is very picky, so this was a big deal for her. She has been more proactive about dressing herself and helping us with that. She has also worn a blue shirt, black dress and black shirt since returning home. She usually wears a pink dress or one pink shirt every day. This is a big change and she verbally requested different items. She seems to be sticking with the pink dress for school and the black shirt for home and other outings but it is still a change. She has transitioned quite well on a few occasions where she would have previously melted down. We hope this is something we will see more of.

Her anxiety is still pretty high as we work hard to manage it. I feel it has been a little worse lately, however, I feel when her brain seems more open it seems to be higher. I assume due to her added awareness. We have not tried any of the supplements yet as it’s very hard to get her to try new things. I plan to try the liquid serenity first as I am hoping it will help with the anxiety.”

2-month follow-up: “I’m sorry it had taken a while to respond. I appreciate you checking in. This month has been a little different as she has had a few weeks off of school. That seems to be harder on her being out of routine. Her anxiety was high and we had to work through that but that is our normal for this time of year.

That being said, we had a very successful trip to the Great Wolf Lodge where she was able to engage in water play quite easily. She transitioned from the water to our room well and even wore her mask in the hallways. She didn’t need any incentives this trip and seemed more comfortable. I visually prepared her for the holidays and our Christmas morning at home went very well. We are thankful for these small things.

We saw some friends that we haven’t seen since summer and they commented that they could see a difference in Felicity’s speech as well as her comprehension. There is more back and forth banter. We also received a wonderful report from her speech therapist as she has met all of her goals for the second quarter. I will include pictures of that. Her verbal communication is still probably the top improvement we have seen. One that is greatly welcomed.

We are expecting baby #4 in May and Felicity seems to fully understand and is very excited about the baby. Both her teacher and her therapist told us that she always points out “May and baby” when they go through the months. She knows when it will arrive. She also drew a picture

of me with a face on my stomach. It is so refreshing to see her understand and be excited about the new addition. Her writing seems to have improved as well.”

3-month follow-up: “Overall Felicity is doing well. It is the time of year where she will be evaluated and get a new IEP in place for next year. As of now, she has met or is close to meeting ALL of her goals for the year. We are very happy with her progress. Her verbal development has still been her most improved area. She now gives us hugs and says “I love you” just because, no prompts. It has been so nice to see her grow.”

– E. & N. Matthews / Columbus, OH / Parents of Felicity

“Dr. Travis Whitney treated my husband’s shoulder with stem cells a couple years ago and it was a complete success! My husband had been in extreme pain and discomfort prior to his stem cell injections but after a couple of weeks he was feeling much improvement with his pain and mobility and it continued to improve to almost 100 percent pain free range of motion and he is still doing great! Today our son started stem cell injections in his lower back by Dr. Whitney and he was very impressed with the bedside manner of the doctor and his staff. Our son has been struggling with lower back pain since playing football in high school and just turned 28. His MRI showed degenerative disc disease. Dr. Whitney feels confident that the stem cells will help our son. Dr. Whitney is not only extremely knowledgeable in this field, he also has an excellent bedside manner. He takes the time to listen and discuss the areas of concern and answer all the questions regarding the procedure and takes time to discuss things that might also be beneficial for a happier, healthier life. We are so happy that we found Dr. Whitney and we highly recommend him. His staff is excellent. Amerique has a great personality and is very helpful and kind. She always displays that positive energy and calmness that helps put patients at ease. We would definitely give Dr. Whitney and his staff 5 stars!”

–J. Stoeber

2-month follow-up: “It’s been 2 months since our first treatment My son said his first word! He said “three.” his eye contact is still improving and his receptive language seems to be improving as well. He’s interested and playing with toys properly. His ABA therapist has told me she notices a difference in him and he is completing goals quicker in therapy as well. He notices cars driving by, birds flying, and other people around him. We are loving the improvements so far! ”3-month follow-up: “Kellen is still doing great! He’s playing with his sister more, following simple directions better, still doing great in therapy, and his awareness keeps getting better and better. His receptive language also seems to be getting better!”

4-month follow-up: “Kellen is great! No more new words but he’s seeming to try to sign! Therapies have been going great and he’s learning so many new things. Completing activities, following directions…it’s been amazing! Eye contact seems to not be an issue anymore. We are so happy.”

6-month follow-up: “Kellen has been great! Therapies have been going great and he will be starting his Special Ed preschool in a couple months. His eye contact is still improving, responding to his name is almost 100% of the time, and his awareness for things and people has increased. We are still very happy with his progress and the stem cells!

We can’t wait for the next appointment in March!”

– J. Nelson. / Lodi, NJ / Son with Autism

“Our son has been doing great. We have seen a lot of gains since the stem cell treatment. He has been trying a lot to vocalize words and sing along when his favorite shows are on tv or on his Ipad. When he is singing, his words are very close to the words being sung by the characters on tv. His behavior has also changed a whole lot. He notices his baby sister and tries to hold her. Previously, he would never acknowledge her. He is also alot calmer when playing on his ipad. We are not having as much tantrums as we used to. The only weird behavior we seem to notice lately is his obsession with washing his hands. He seems to always want to go to the sink and wash his hands. We cant seem to figure out if he is intrigued by the water or the soap.. but anyways, we try to limit the number of times he does that. Looking forward to the next treatment in December.”

–A.A. / Richmond, TX / Son with Autism

“Now that I’ve had more time for the stem cells to continue their work, I do have a bit more energy and that has continued to gradually increase since the treatment. I have noticed some improvements in memory, both long term and short term. Sometimes I think, “where did that memory come from” if it seems to come out of nowhere. Trying to measure improvement is a bit trickier since I am still taking the adderall. I have, however, reduced the amount of adderall I am taking, which is an improvement in itself. That is also helpful because I prefer to take less since more of it causes me to need to drink too much water and urinate too much and to have some dry mouth symptoms.”

– E. Colgate / Tacoma, WA / Cognitive decline

“My son has been doing good so far. Ever since the treatment he has about 10 more new words, he is less fearful of the crowds. He tries to communicate and imitate. As for his appetite he is willing to try new things. He looks more alert. He is more engaging now. He still doesn’t play with other kids and has his sensory issues. Looking forward to the next treatment.”

– N.C. / Bronx, NY / Son with Autism

“I am doing so great since my first stem cell treatment. My arthritis pain all over and in my hands is so much less, probably 70 percent better. My dry eyes are 50 percent better! I feel well and so glad I received the stem cells, looking forward to more treatments.
Thank you Dr. Whitney”

– N. Lopez / Autoimmune Disease

“I got stem cell therapy to address issues of dementia and memory loss, poor balance, and my type 2 diabetes, and chronic thumb pain. I’m currently 70 years old, when I was in my 30’s I had a series of small strokes, called TIAs, that were confirmed on an MRI a few years ago. I lost most of sense of smell and taste back then. I’ve struggled with type 2 diabetes for years. My blood sugar is usually around 150 or higher, despite switching to a low carb diet. A few years ago I started having memory and balance issues. I was given an exam where I walk “heel-to-toes” and I failed it. I was very unstable, almost falling down. I started practicing it hoping I could correct it on my own but I was still wobbly and unstable. My memory had gotten really bad, my wife has to tell me multiple times to do tasks and I have to ask her what I’m doing sometimes in the middle of a task. My thumbs ache constantly, especially when I have to squeeze anything or open a jar.

After my stem cell treatments 1 month ago at Innate my balance, memory, and blood sugars are all improving. I can walk heel-to-toe without falling most of the time, almost perfect, and I feel more stable in general. My blood sugars this last week averaged 120 with a low of 104. That’s a record low for me. They’ve been steadily decreasing each week. My memory is improving, I feel better someday and somedays not. I’m much happier with how many “better” days I’m having. It’s easier to function to get things done. My wife can attest to this, she doesn’t have to tell me as often. Sometimes she only tells me once. On bad days before she would tell me several times to get simple tasks done. My attention span is up as well. I used to only watch the same shows but for some reason I’ve been much more interested in politics and can read and watch the news longer. Doc says he doesn’t know what to make of that. My thumbs saw some improvements at first but they still ache a lot. Doc said it could take longer for these to improve.

My sense of smell and taste started to return about 2 weeks ago. This was a surprise as I didn’t think to have this treated when I went in. But I’m smelling things much more vividly. My taste is more sensitive as well. My wife says I put too much sweetener on things cause I can’t taste well. So now things taste a lot sweeter so I’m using less, which is good for my diabetes as well.

I’m excited to continue my treatments. especially if this progress continues. I’m a happy camper!”

– H. & E. Feddersen / Merced, CA / Dementia / Type 2 Diabetes / Poor Balance / Thumb pain

“After the first treatment I feel like there’s a cloud that has been lifted off of me. I’m feeling less confused and my short term memory has improved. I’m a lot more energetic, more enthusiastic…happier. I remember conversations better. My son quizzes me often and tells me I’m improving. All my children tell me how much better I am doing. I’m so grateful and excite we found you. I’m very excited for the next stem cell and exosome treatments.”

– A. Simons / Los Angeles, CA / Dementia

“My daughter received stem cell treatment for absent seizures from Dr Whitney. Within just a few days, the absent seizures were dramatically reduced.  As the months continued they continued to be reduced by at least 50%. She’s remained active in volleyball, basketball and soccer. Dr Whitney is very caring and made her feel so at ease. She has a fear of Dr’s and she was very relaxed while receiving treatment.”

– K. Rivers / Houston, TX / Seizures

“I received stem cells from Dr Whitney for Lyme’s and Crohn’s. I have been very satisfied with the stem cells. I have virtually no pain. My Lyme’s & Crohn’s symptoms have greatly improved and inflammation has been reduced. Dr Whitney is wonderful and cares about his patients. He has a great bedside manner to him.”

– K. Rivers / Houston, TX / Lyme’s and Crohn’s Disease

“I was so happy Dr Whitney provided options for my chronic back pain. A year and a half of physical therapy provided no progress and continual re-injury. All physicians I saw before Dr. Whitney told me that I would just have to manage my pain for the rest of my life. I’m fairly young so that was a very discouraging outlook. Just one session made a huge difference in my pain levels, my ability to function at work and back out on the dance floor! I was so impressed with Dr. Whitney. His experience was obvious as he quickly diagnosed the best option for my debilitating chronic pain. His compassion for his patients was evident throughout the therapy as well as having the skill to efficiently complete the process. I felt like I was in good hands and am so thankful to get back to a pain free life! I recommend him to anyone who has chronic pain!”

– C.G. / Low back pain

“The whole office staff is very supportive on your way to get your life back. Staff has made you feel, they are really genuinely concern about your health and how to get your life back on track. The staff/Doctors are very knowledgeable and updated on medical information and are more than willing to share that information so you know what to expect both immediately and as your treatment progresses. Thank you very much :)”

– V.L. / Wittmann, AZ

“I recently met Dr. Whitney while trying to find a doctor who actually would listen to my mother’s issues. For three months I took her to all kinds of different doctors. All of them just wrote a prescription and dismissed her. She is 80 years old and has several bulging discs in her back which are pinching her sciatica nerve. She was in excruciating pain all of the time. She didn’t like how the medications made her feel, and the relief didn’t last long. Luckily in February we found Dr. Whitney! He really listened to my mother’s issues and truly wanted to help her. He’s so patient and compassionate with her and listens to all of her concerns. After a few treatments with him, my mother started seeing improvements. When I first brought her in, I had to bring her in a wheelchair, as she was unable to walk very far. He has been treating her for just over a month. She is doing so much better she’s able to walk and move around. But, most of all you can see it in her overall physical and mental state. I’m so thankful we found Dr. Whitney. I would highly recommend him. Great Doctors are hard to find and he’s definitely a great find!!”

– L.L. / Phoenix, AZ / Back pain with Sciatica

“Not fully knowing what to expect, but from checkin to medical review and procedures, the process went smoothly, and efficiently. Dr. Whitney has a calming presence along with a desire to see people regain quality of life. Very positive experience.”

– K.R. / Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Travis does what I’m expecting to resolve my nerve disparity from 2 back operations. So far, so good”

– J.M. / Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Whitney was very informative with what he was doing before he started treatment. He explained the procedure and asst. was very gentle. Impressed with his bedside manner.”

– G.M. / Phoenix, AZ

“Dr Whitney and staff are amazing! Very caring and took the time to answer my questions. I was not sure of my results before the procedure but after the procedure I am amazed at how I feel. My symptoms have decreased significantly.”

– K.R. / Houston, TX / Crohn’s Disease/IBD

“SUPER nice and friendly…GREAT, great place. Felt sort of awkward at first, out of my area of expertise, but gradually relaxed. BEST thing for your body, medication IS poison. Do your body a favor, try stem cells.”

– V.M. / Phoenix, AZ

“My experience was fantastic, words cannot describe how happy I am.”

– B.G. / Sun City, AZ

“Dr. Whitney’s level of care is unmatched. He provides an unwavering attention to detail and compassion to his patients. Combined with his extensive knowledge, there are few doctors who I would trust to such a degree. He truly is a grade A doctor.”

– J.A.

“I highly recommend Innate Healthcare. I received an IV vitamin treatment in hopes to strengthen my immune system before taking a trip. It wasn’t an easy decision due to my anxiety with needles/blood. I felt comfortable the moment I arrived and Dr. Whitney got a good vein on the first attempt (this is a rarity for me)! The whole process was nice and quick and I felt amazing upon finishing up the treatment. My energy levels were awesome the next few days and I didn’t pick up any sicknesses while traveling- woohoo! This was my first time receiving a treatment of this kind and I am so delighted to have had such a great experience. Thank you thank you!!!!”

– S.W. / Tempe, AZ

“I met Dr. Whitney a few years ago. I shared with him my health concerns (Chronic Neuro Lyme/Celiac Disease etc..) The first thing I noticed about him immediately, is that he truly listens attentively and comes up with options to treat. He does not come across as knowing all the answers but has intelligent and educated, tried and true methods which get results and resolve; no arrogance, like some I have encountered. His heart and passion for better health, shows in his approach. I have received acupuncture from many practitioners over the years, and his knowledge and application surpasses all of them. As a holistic practitioner myself, I have referred many of my clients to Dr. Whitney when I know he can help them more in depth.”

– T.B. / Scottsdale, AZ

“I was having some very sharp pains in my lower back for almost a week. I tried icing, heat, and stretching but my pain wasn’t anything I’ve felt before. I called and they got me in the same day and started my first session of prolotherapy! I was very nervous at first, but Dr. Whitney was very helpful and made me feel really comfortable. My result the next day was amazing! I definitely recommend trying it.”

– M.S. / Scottsdale, AZ

“Great staff that actually cares about your overall wellbeing. I’ve never experienced a doctor before that will stay open a little bit later just to make sure you can get in to see them. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.”

– E.S. / Phoenix, AZ

“Similar to these other reviews, I received that same attentive and overall sincere compassion from Dr. Whitney. Even though I was healthy when I went in (used Innate for an IV before and after a long and adventurous birthday weekend…EDC…) I was treated with the respect, courtesy and thoroughness I’d find necessary if I had gone in for a more serious reason. I rarely, if ever, leave a review but was truly blown away at how awesome and friendly this staff was in every way for such a simple visit. Beyond their friendliness, they were extremely knowledgeable about IV medicine and getting an IV before my trip and upon my return home was THE BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE, THANK YOU FOR THE ADIVCE. Even if I had just done the one before the trip would have still been an excellent decision. I don’t think I’ve ever felt as superb in my life after any long weekend I’ve ever had. Highly recommended.”

– S.H. / Phoenix, AZ

“Dr. Whitney is very friendly, professional, approachable and genuinely caring physician. I’ve gotten treated by Dr. Whitney many times (mainly acupuncture, herbal medicine, physical adjustments) and have always felt very comfortable and satisfied with my treatments. I wanted to see if acupuncture would help me sleep better, improve my cognitive function, and improve respiratory health and I have seen improvement in all of these areas. I also recently began treating my adult acne and am happy to say I’m starting to see great results! I absolutely recommend Dr. Whitney for anything from specific treatments to a general check up!!”

– S.S. / Tempe, AZ

Get to know a different kind of health care.

Most conventional doctors just suppress symptoms with drugs or treatment instead of addressing the root cause. So if you’ve ever noticed that you​ ​always end up right back where you started, even after seeing the doctor, we call that the “healthcare carousel”. Unfortunately, most physician’s patients never realize they can get off of it.

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