The key to health is discovering our innate power we are all born with, and use it for whatever obstacles we face.
— Travis Whitney, NMD, MSc

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Innate Healthcare

Innate Healthcare is an integrative holistic healthcare approach focusing on primary care, family medicine, and specialty care utilizing Naturopathic Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Medical Marijuana Certifications (Cannabis), Acupuncture, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Pharmaceuticals, and Prolotherapy (Regenerative Joint Injection). 

We offer a unique approach to healthcare with flexible visit schedules, convenient monthly inexpensive payments or payments at time of service, the choice is yours! Innate provides a holistic, natural treatment approach that blends Modern Western medicine with Traditional medicine.

Here's the breakdown of what membership looks like

Member Prices:


Unlimited Office visits during office hours

Unlimited Email/phone/text visits

50% or more off pharmaceuticals, medical grade supplements, labs, procedures, and IVs

Pharmaceuticals and Supplements mailed to your door

Medical Marijuana Card:

$50 visit + $150 Arizona State application fee

IV Medicine Therapy:

$60 - $80


$9 per unit

Prolotherapy/Joint Regeneration (with acupuncture included):

$25 - $75 (Depending on body location of prolotherapy)


$20 acupuncture sessions

Non-Member Prices:


$125 for initial visit/$50 for follow appointments

$50 for Extensive Email/phone/text visits 

10-20% off pharmaceuticals, medical grade supplements, labs, procedures, and IVs compared to retail


Medical Marijuana Card:

$100 visit + $150 AZ State Application fee 

IV Medicine Therapy:

$85 - $110


$10 per unit

Prolotherapy/Joint Regeneration:

$50 - $150  (Depending on body location of prolotherapy)


$60 for initial non-member Acupuncture visit

$40 for follow-up visits


Click the boxes below to see some of Innate's common lab and prescription medication fees. We'll be adding more when we can. If you're curious about a lab or medication just ask us by clicking here.

Why Choose A Monthly Healthcare Plan?

Are you tired of the same fast-paced approach most of the healthcare system embraces? You're not alone. Unfortunately, insurance dictates how most healthcare practitioners treat their patients. Studies show that the average time most patients spend with their doctor is 15 minutes. So many are fed up with the way our healthcare is operated. We're changing that at Innate. 

How is what we do different or better than conventional model today?

Let's take a look. The average deductible for a person who receives an individual plan through their work health insurance pays a deductible anywhere from $1,300 to $2,000 or more. For a family plan an average of $5,000 goes towards their premiums. Furthermore, the average primary care doctor visit is around $160. 

Now let's look at a hypothetical scenario. A 15 minute office visit, that typically ends with a prescription medication order addressing only your symptoms, is $160 paid towards your deductible, plus a $20 copay. Hopefully there's a follow-up so your doctor can check and see how you're doing. This requires another office visit, $160 plus the $20 co-pay. So for the $360 (which was paid towards your deductible) you likely got two 15 minute office visits, a pharmaceutical to cover your symptoms, and no education on some of the biggest factors of your health such as your diet and lifestyle. 

Let's use an analogy: You have car insurance for the "health" of your car, but you don't use your car insurance whenever you pay for gas or an oil change do you? The car insurance is used for emergency type situations such as accidents or major repairs. And you'd pay the gas station or oil shop mechanic directly for those day-to-day things. Would you file an insurance claim for changing your car's oil? No. So why file an insurance claim if you have the flu, need care for a chronic condition, or have daily pain? Save your insurance for emergency use and pay a physician for your routine care. 

With your membership to Innate you will pay significantly less in healthcare and would have gotten more extensive care. Plus we have access to less expensive pharmaceuticals, supplements, labs, and procedures. So if you're going to spend $1,200 towards your health why not do it where you have more access to your physician that has more options on how to get you in the most optimal health of your life.